Bullying & Cyberbullying: What We Need to Know

Published by the Province of Nova Scotia
August, 2013.
Task - to create a “comprehensive” booklet about bullying
Target audience  - parents of Nova Scotia schoolchildren. This includes parents of pre-school aged children as well as children in public school in grades primary through 12.
Scope  - The book had to include the Province of Nova Scotia’s legal definitions of bullying and cyberbullying. It also had to explain several things:


Working Together to Better Serve All Nova Scotians

Published by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission
May, 2013
Task – Create a plain language summary of an academic study conducted by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission into consumer racial profiling.
Target audience – business owners, retail, restaurant and service industry staff, and members of Nova Scotia’s diverse cultural communities
Scope – Define consumer racial profiling. Outline the study in terms of the following:


Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook

Currently in design.
Task – Re-organize and re-write the Nova Scotia Driver’s Handbook incorporating new rules and regulations affecting both drivers and cyclists.
Target audience – everyone who wants a Nova Scotia driver’s licence, particularly


Explore Farming in Nova Scotia: From honeybees to maple trees

Produced and published through Communications Nova Scotia for the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculure

August 2014

Task -- to create a book about farming in Nova Scotia as it is done in 2014

Target audience -- Nova Scotian school children in grade 4 and children visiting farms and farm exhibitions around the province.



Website created and supported by Merit of Nova Scotia, an association of open shop contractors in Nova Scotia.

October 2014

Task -- to write website copy explaining, in everyday terms, the differences between Parts I and II of the Nova Scotia Trade Union Act and to outline Merit's proposals for changing the Act to make it fairer to construction workers and contractors.

Target audience -- Media, contractors, small business owners, government officials including Members of the Legislative Assembly


Access for All Nova Scotians

Plain language summary of the discussion paper: An Invitation for Input on Accessibility Legislation published by the Minister's Advisory Panel on Accessibility Legislation.

November 2014

Task -- to write a plain language version of the discussion paper suitable for publication on the Internet

Target audience -- anyone interested in accessibility legislation, particularly Nova Scotians who provide products or services to the public or who build or maintain public spaces


Emergency Preparedness Brochure

Mail insert in Nova Scotia Power bill explaining how to prepare for an emergency prepared for the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office.

February 2015

Task -- to edit copy provided by the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office (EMO) to make the information easy to understand by most Nova Scotian readers.

Target audience -- anyone in Nova Scotia who would be affected by an emergency evacuation order, particularly people with lower literacy skills or other disabilities.


START rack card and fact sheet

Printed document explaining the benefits of Employment Nova Scotia's START program and how to apply to the program.

March 2015


Pathway to Recovery: Inpatient Withdrawal Management, a service delivery model

A series of interactive pdf slides explaining the new service delivery model for inpatient withdrawal mangement (detox) to healthcare workers.

June 2015

Task -- to develop a tool to communicate a new service delivery model to healthcare workers in the field of addictions management. The tool needed to communicate complex information in a way that would not be overwhelming to the reader as the target audience is extremely busy and suffers from "information overload."


Pension forms

A series of forms required by the Nova Scotia Finance and Treasury Board to ensure that transactions related to provincially-regulated pensions and benefits are made in accordance with Nova Scotia law and regulations.

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