START rack card and fact sheet

Printed document explaining the benefits of Employment Nova Scotia's START program and how to apply to the program.

March 2015

Task -- to reorganize and edit copy provided by Employment Nova Scotia. In the copy I was provided, information relevant to employers and potential employees was mixed together. I reorgnized the information so that each audience can now find information applicable to them more readily without having to read information that is meant for the other audience. The copy was edited to address the reader directly and provide an easy reading experience.

Target audience -- there were 2 distinct target audiences: Nova Scotia residents in need of work experience, and Nova Scotia businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and social enterprises in need of workers.

Scope -- the project was narrow in scope. The information was provided by Employment Nova Scotia and was relatively straightforward. 

Resources -- I was provided with the original copy that I was to edit. It was a short document. There was no need to do further research. The contact I had at Employment Nova Scotia was able to answer all my questions.

You can see the complete fact sheet at

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