Pathway to Recovery: Inpatient Withdrawal Management, a service delivery model

A series of interactive pdf slides explaining the new service delivery model for inpatient withdrawal mangement (detox) to healthcare workers.

June 2015

Task -- to develop a tool to communicate a new service delivery model to healthcare workers in the field of addictions management. The tool needed to communicate complex information in a way that would not be overwhelming to the reader as the target audience is extremely busy and suffers from "information overload."

Target audience -- registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), counsellors, outreach workers, psychologists, phychiatrists, and recreational therapists.

Scope -- This was a large project that needed to explain the reasons for creating and implementing the new service delivery model, the differences between the new model and the way services were delivered previously, the roles and responsibilities of each member of the care team, and how each person can work to implement the new model.

Resources -- The project began with an oral history of the delivery of inpatient withdrawal management treatment in Nova Scotia, its merits and failings, and how the need for the new service delivery model arose. This was followed, over time, by a series of documents (almost 200 pages) outlining the history and process that led to the new service delivery model as well as the roles and responsibilities of each member of the care team within that model. In addition, I attended meetings and conference calls and conducted my own survey into the reading and research habits of the target audience. Finally I had access to a subject matter expert who was available to answer my questions when necessary.

Final product -- Five packets of interactive pdf slides: Overview (10 slides), Pathway to Recovery (13 slides), and Competencies for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, counsellors/outreach workers (18 slides each). Each slide contains attachments or additional information that appears only when the appropriate button is selected by the reader thus allowing the reader to control how much information to digest at any one time. As this product is an internal service delivery model, it is not available to the public. Use the Contact form on this website to inquire about the project.


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