Bullying & Cyberbullying: What We Need to Know

Published by the Province of Nova Scotia
August, 2013.
Task - to create a “comprehensive” booklet about bullying
Target audience  - parents of Nova Scotia schoolchildren. This includes parents of pre-school aged children as well as children in public school in grades primary through 12.
Scope  - The book had to include the Province of Nova Scotia’s legal definitions of bullying and cyberbullying. It also had to explain several things:

  • what bullying looks like at different ages
  • how parents can recognize when their child is being bullied or doing the bullying
  • how parents can help their children to change their behaviour so that bullying is no longer a part of their lives

Resources  - I was provided with a list of information that had to be included in the guide as well as some resource material. I was also encouraged to find further resources on my own.
See the full document.

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