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Plain language copywriting makes it easy for your audience to understand your message. You’ve got something to say. I make sure your audience hears it.        

Plain language copywriting

Words are powerful. They get you noticed and they get things done. The easier they are to understand, the more powerful they are. That’s why you need a plain language copywriter. I use words your audience uses everyday. I make your message so easy to understand they barely know they’re reading. From my office in Halifax, I have written about human rights for business owners, bullying for parents, and democracy for everyone from high schoolers to tourists. You know your message. I make it clear.

Plain language technical writing

I break down complex tasks into parts that your readers can easily understand and act on. I can do this because I take the time to research the needs of your audience. That’s the benefit of having a plain language technical writer. Because I’m in Halifax, it’s easy for me to get around Nova Scotia. I have written manuals for snowplough operators, harbour pilot dispatchers, farm equipment operators, and off-highway vehicle riders. In each case I have stepped inside the user’s shoes and learned their language. That way I give them the information they need in words they use everyday.

Workshops and training

I tailor my workshops to your needs. Whether you want to focus on one document or website or your entire writing strategy, I can teach you proven document-testing methods to get your own audience to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Together we will improve your information so that you get

  • fewer calls for clarification
  • fewer errors on forms
  • better response-rates for websites and brochures

Recent Work

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August, 2013.
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Latest Article

Toward a theoretical framework for plain language

This September I embarked on a strange journey. Like Dorothy following the yellow-brick road to the Emerald City, I set out on a path that should lead me to a theoretical framework for plain language. Like Dorothy, I’ve never seen my destination and I only have a vague notion of what it will look like. Every now and then I wish I had a Tin Man by my side to shout: “There it is!” Instead, I have a voice in my head that’s more like Toto—barking at things that may or may not be significant.

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